1. Fill Out The Booking Form
  2. We’ll check availability and get back to you within 12Hrs.
  3. If your date is available, we’ll send you a booking summary and a payable invoice.
  4. Your booking becomes secure once a payment is received through your invoice.
  5. All payment receipts will show on your summary once processed.
  6. Receipts are sent for each payment.
  7. Your summary & invoice is only valid for 72hrs. After this time both will automatically cancel and a new booking will have to be made.
  8. On deposit only bookings, £50 is required to secure your booking.
  9. On full payment bookings, full payment is required on receipt of invoice.
  10. Although we confirm the date as available and issue you a summary and invoice, your date is NOT secure if no deposit or full payment is  received. We send multiple invoices out for the same date and work on a first to pay basis. Your invoice will cancel if this is the case.
  11. Balances must be fully paid 7 days before your event date to avoid loss of payments and booking.