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About Us & The Booth

We’ve covered hundreds of events and welcomed thousands of guests through our booth.

We’ve also worked with some big companies such as Kelloggs, Virgin Media, WHSmith, plus lot’s lot’s more.

We are a full time booth supplier and carry full documentation (PLI, PAT & Risk Assesment)

So whatever your event, you can rest assured your in the hands of professionals.

Our booth is a full size solid booth, it measures 2 Metres in Length, 1.5 Metres in Width and is 2 Metres High.

It has black glitter back panels with silver glitter side panels.

It features an outside screen so your queuing guests can watch the live antics of the guests inside the booth.

There is also a large touchscreen inside. This is so your guests can choose whatever background they wish to appear behind them. There is a lot to choose from, at our last count there was over 350 !!

We use the latest in greenscreen technology to perform this magic.

Your printouts are great quality too… we only use Mitsubishi High Grade paper and Mitsubishi Sub Dye printer units.

This means your prints are 100 year fade resistant and 100% waterproof.

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