What happens on the Day?

We arrive at your event 60 – 90 minutes before your booked time.

E.g. for an 8pm start, we arrive at 6:30pm – 7pm.

Setup takes between 30 – 45 minutes. We are very quiet & very quick.

We fully test our systems before your hire start & run off a test print to show you your great printout design.

Your hire consists of sessions.

We call your print outs session prints. On each visit to the booth, the booth will take 4 photographs with your chosen green screen background.

It will lay the 4 photographs magically on your printout design. Once your guest/s exit the booth the 1 printout will be ready approx 30 secs later.

This is a session. You can have as many sessions as possible during your hire.

If you have ordered double prints, the booth will print 2 copies.

If you have ordered double prints & an album, the booth will print out 3 prints. 2 for your guests to keep and one for the album.

If you have ordered an album, we take the opportunity to have your guest/s to write a special message in the album whilst waiting for their printout. The album is presented when we leave.

We stay with the booth and help your guests where required & also entertain with our humour!

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