So, what is all the hype around renting a photo booth for your party or event and what exactly is one?

Quite simply, A photo booth is similar to a passport photo booth but a fun version. Groovyboove’s photo booth is much larger and allows several people to be in a picture. The booth takes 4 images per session and prints them out onto a high quality photo that your guest then takes away.


We use Green screen technology in the booth which adds a special touch to your images. The use of green screen has been around for a long time and mostly used in TV and film. Superman is a good example of this, he’s filmed against a green screen in the studio but when you actually see the finished film, he has scenery behind him. The magic technology in our booth, digitally cuts you out and seamlessly stitches you onto your chosen background. Like you were almost there.


Every party should have a booth as they bring so much fun as well as other benefits like….


A booth brings so much entertainment. Whether your watching on the outside live screen at your friends using the booth or participating in the photo itself.

Suitable for all ages

From babies to nan’s. Everybody can access the booth.


It’s always great to look back on your photo’s. Even though your guests take their print, we make sure we put every single one taken during the hire onto a CD for yourself and also a guest book with messages if chosen

Talking point

The fun & laughter carries on, even after your event. We create fun memories for everybody that uses the booth.

Fabulous favours

Have a fun photo from the day that can be looked back on for years to come.

High-quality results

We only use the best camera’s & printers on the market. Coupled with a very high grade photo paper, your print is both waterproof and fade resistant from the minute it’s printed.

Theme it!

Have you a theme or colour scheme? Our printouts are specially designed to complement your choice.

This printout we designed is from a leopard print themed party…

Share the love

Everybody has access to social media these days. Our hire includes a Facebook album as standard. (Opt out available) We place all your printouts from your event into a Facebook album. These then can be shared with everybody.